Must Do Things In Brighton

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These few simple tips will help you with your journey to the beautiful Melbourne.Brighton which is situated in Melbourne, Australia is a must-visit location. This coastal suburb is a bright place which cheers up people in just seconds. The gorgeous views, the fun and exciting events, little shops, the warm and sandy beaches are definitely people’s favorites. So, next time you are in Melbourne make sure you stop and Brighton and do the following.

Enjoy the beach

The infamous Brighton Beach is one of the best beaches in Melbourne. You might have recognized the bright colored bathing boxes in instagram and other social media sites. If you ever wondered where the are from, now you know. There are 90 such boxes. It is a very famous tourist attraction site. The main reason for this is that these boxes date back to the 1900s. Excited yet? Well, what’s even more exciting is that this beach is safe for many. You can simply enjoy a nice leisure walk along the beach without having to worry about anything else. Book beachside accommodation Hampton before you do. It will help you avoid the rush.

Explore the local shops

If you are someone who loves shopping then this is for you. Brighton is filled with many local shops which offers different items starting from clothing to homeware to toys and much more. You will find something unique in these shops. Make sure you explore them while in brighton.

Historic Bililla Mansion

The best part about exploring a new city is that you get to revisit its history and get to learn about their culture and so. That is why you must visit the Bilila Mansion in Brighton. It is another great tourist attraction site. It is filled with a rich history. This will give you the opportunity to take a good stroll to the great history of Brighton.

Palace Cinemas Dendy Brighton

Make sure you find a good accommodation spot to stay in because you will be traveling a lot, specially to see at least a few movies in the Palace Cinemas Dendy Brighton. This is a place where you get comfort, class and freedom and simply watch a great movie. It is considered to be one of the most luxurious cinemas in Melbourne. So make sure you see a movie here. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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